Class Schedule

 Terms and conditions for joining my classes, fees, and other essential information about how to join a class, is detailed at the bottom of this page.  

UPDATED 13/06/24

Monday 17th June  

0930 to 1100 – Darley Abbey Village Hall, Abbey Yard, Darley Abbey DE22 1DS  – all welcome

1330 to 1500 – Yoga for All – ZOOM
Click here for access to class

1800 to 1830 – Meditation & Pranayama – ZOOM
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1930 to 2100 – Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree DE22 2GG – all welcome

Tuesday 18th June

1900 to 2030 – Yoga for All – ZOOM
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Wednesday 19th June 

0915 to 1045 – Sage Yoga Studio, Derwent Street, Belper, DE56 1WN – all welcome

1330 to 1500 – Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree DE22 2GG – all welcome

1900 to 2030 – Fritchley Village Hall, Chapel Street, Fritchley DE56 2FR – all welcome

Before you join any of the ZOOM Oakwood Yoga classes,  please take the time to ensure you are practising in a safe environment with plenty of clear space around you. You know your body best and are therefore responsible for ensuring that you look after yourself by adapting and modifying postures according to your range of movement, and stop any practices that make you feel unwell physically, mentally or emotionally.  Phillipa will not be able to see you at all times or guide you individually so please stay as present as possible and follow your inner teacher.

Please complete the Oakwood Yoga Health Form GDPRBWY, and email to me at, BEFORE attending class.   Once I have the completed form, I will contact you to confirm you place in class, how to pay, and if you are a new student to me I will arrange to call you.

  • The yoga class fee is £10 per class.
  • The meditation class fee is £5 or a donation.
  • If you wish to do both zoom and live classes per week contact me to discuss payment.
  • The zoom links to the classes will change each week.
  • If you can only pay a donation that is also fine…just let me know.
  • If you are paying for a number of weeks, tell me you are doing that…I will be keeping a log.

Please be aware that when you practice yoga by live streaming (ZOOM), that you do so at your own risk and no liability will arise on the part of Oakwood Yoga or Phillipa Wilson.  If you have any concerns during practice, please stop immediately and advise Phillipa at the end of the session.  If you have any concerns before or after, please feel free to contact Phillipa by email.