Changes Promoted by the Rhythmic Breath

This was shared with me when I did a Pranayama Course with Philip Xerri…some of you were interested in how the ratio breath can be helpful.  Please practice with ease and gentleness.

Heart Opening Breath

This practice is so valuable to us all.  It doesn’t matter if you are the fittest person or someone suffering with illness of some kind…we can all do it.  Spend at least 5mins doing it…if you can do nearer 15mins then do.

Viloma Pranayama

This is a wonderful practice to help you strengthen the lungs and control the breath.  It really helps you prepare for practices such as Nadi Shodona, kapalabhati and bhastrika.

Anuloma Viloma and Prana Shuddhi

A truly wonderful practice to help you focus.  On its own some people have been using anuloma viloma to aid sleep.  As prana shuddhi it really helps us concentrate the mind and to completely let go.  This sheet is actually written by Mandala Ashram and it is slightly different to what we have done recently in class (April 2019) but both versions are completely valid.

Khechari Mudra

Using khechari mudra with ujjayi breath is a deeply relaxing/focusing practice.  You will find a detailed explanation of ujjayi breath below.  This explains khechari mudra a little…there is so much written about it, but in its simplest form, it is accessible to most of us.  It is a great practice to help you become still in body and mind.

Hasta Mudras for Pranayama 

These mudras are like magic!  When you are new to learning how to breathe, to even notice you are breathing, these may help you.  They direct the breath to different areas of the lungs and give us more focus.  You can work with all of them or individually.  The only one I would not recommend using on its own is Adhi Mudra as it encourages a shallow breath, and we aiming on having a deeper breath to help the nervous system be calm and peaceful, and we want the whole lung capacity to be reached.

Nadi Shodona – alternate nostril breathing

One of my favourite practices because with time you and practice you can do so much with this.  Here I have merely included the basics of the practice.  Feel free to ask me in class for more information.

Hasta Mudras for Prana Vayus

I wasn’t sure where to put this information but I think it fits well here.  This sheet gives a little information around the 5 vayus but importantly the mudras for each one as these are easily accessible to most of us.  You can treat each practice as a breath awareness one, or even a meditation.  Any queries do get in touch.

Samavritti – Square Breath

Another wonderful practice that can be used in so many ways.  It helps to balance and harmonise the body and mind but also helps us to develop and strengthen our breath.

Brahmari Breath (Humming Bee Breath)

A wonderful practice that can be used in so many ways.  This just explains the basics of the breath.

Sheetali (Sitali) Pranayama

Just what you need on a hot day to help cool the body.  Or, use this to calm the mind and nervous system.


This is a lovely simple practice from Pam Horton, a great teacher with so much experience.

Ujjayi Pranayama

A wonderful practice to help sleep and generally releasing anxiety and stress.

Kapalbhati How To

This is a wonderful practice to learn and has so many health benefits.  Please don’t over do it though…remind yourself about ahimsa…non harming to yourself and others.

Temple Breath

A very simple breathing practice that I quickly recorded for someone looking for something to help her relax.  You can do anywhere but it is especially wonderful if you can do outside and connect the hands to the earth.  You could do it standing and make it more energetic.  Or you could do in bed if you find falling to sleep a challenge. Let me know how you get on.

Triangle Breath

I recorded this ages ago for someone in particular but it is suitable for us all.  You can do lying or standing.  Feel as though you are drawing positive energy in on the inhale and releasing with exhale.  Stay with the visualisation of the triangle, feel the space as you travel the awareness up and down the legs.  Let me know how you find it helps you.