Ajapa Japa – I am not sure why I have not added an Ajapa Japa practice before now as it is one of my favourite meditations.  I hope this can get you started.  Any feedback/questions please do get in touch.

Today I Will Listen – this is a poem that I wanted to share.  We spend so much time rushing around and being busy that we don’t always take the time to be still to listen.  Allow yourself a minimum of 5 mins to do this…completely undisturbed.


Meditation on the Senses –  I recorded this in the garden and it is an idea of how you can connect to what is around you, in a very short time, to just be with yourself.  A mini reset if you like.  It’s about 6 mins long so takes little effort!


Antar Mouna Inner Silence Stages 1 to 3 – I have made a recording of this (Dec 2021) and you are very welcome to have a copy.  A slight error on my part right at the beginning as my brain went dead!  Antar means “inner” and Mouna means “silence”!  It is a beautiful practice…takes a lot of effort over several months…but so worth it.  Do message me if you would like a copy and I can WhatsApp it to you.

Likhita Japa – this is one of my favourite practices.  You will need a nice pen and notebook or piece of paper.  I prefer to do in a notebook and I always date what I have done and write a couple of notes afterwards as to how I felt during the practice.  Most commonly we do the practice writing the symbol OM but you could do a word or another symbol and I have also done it whilst colouring in a yantra and repeating the mantra for the yantra.  Up to you…just make it a very focused practice!  I have a recording of it but can’t link here…but email me and I will send to you.

Meditation Ideas – During the summer of 2021 we worked with different sorts of meditation practices so this sheet is just a reminder of some.  Just so you have a little relief from the traditional ones I normally teach!

Jnana Yoga – during May 2021 we have spent some time looking at how we view ourselves and what we can do to change things a little if we wish to.  This document helps explain Jnana Yoga, which in its entirety is a massive undertaking, but we can all start somewhere and I just wanted to lay out the steps and stages for you – should you like to delve deeper into “Who am I?”

Lotus Mime – I was given this when I first started teaching and I have no idea who it was…but thank you. It is a beautiful moving meditation, using visualisation and you could use the breath too.  Make it your own…the words are just a guide.

Mindful Breathing Meditations – during lockdown in May 2020 I used these meditations as reminders of what you can do for yourself.  You can use all or just one of the phrases and work with it…depending on the time you have…or if you suddenly connect to the practice of mindfulness during your day.  They are both taken from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Silence. Mindful Breathing Meditation 1 and Mindful Breathing Meditation 2

Moving Meditation to Remove Fear – this flow is based on the Bhagavad Gita is a beautiful and easy practice to learn.  Although it is worded to remove fear, you could use to help remove anything that no longer serves you well.  My timings are a little out but hopefully it gives you enough of an idea to remember the practice.  The words are there too and you will also find here on the asana page.

Antar Mouna Stage 1 Senses – this is a recording to help you with Stage 1 of Antar Mouna…Inner Silence.  There are 6 stages, but we must be adept at Stage 1 before moving onto the others.  I hope this one helps and makes sense to you.  There is a little visualisation which helps you to ‘cleanse the mind’ or even to ‘clear the perceptions’ of the mind.  You will need about 20mins.


Antar Mouna – Inner Silence – an information sheet about this wonderful practice.  Please take time to work with it over several months, it is not a quick fix but it is a deep and beautiful practice.  I hope to give you a recording soon too.

Water, Wind and Space –  use this recording as a meditation on sound or you could use as a relaxation.  Make sure phones are off and that you won’t be disturbed for 20 mins.  It does use 3 distinctly different sounds, helping to clear the layers of our being.


OM MANI PADME HUMstrictly a mantra but you can use as a meditation.

Kaya Sthairyam – this is a preparatory practice to meditation really.  I often use as the settling process, but you can then carry on with a breath, or any other meditational practice.  12 mins long.


Breath Meditation 1 – 12 mins long, recorded some time ago but hopefully it is a starter for you.  Great for a busy day.