Yoga Nidra & Relaxation

Yoga Nidra for Manipura Chakra – this Yoga Nidra is specifically for the solar plexus, Manipura chakra.  Find a comfortable place to lie down or sit…and make sure you won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes.  Some people feel energised and some fall asleep!  So see how you go.

Yoga Nidra – Garden with Pool. I love sharing Yoga Nidra practices as they work on so many levels and especially during Lockdown.  This one is recorded from class during June 2020 and I hope you find it useful.  before starting make sure you will be comfortable, warm and undisturbed.  It lasts about 20mins.


Yoga for Sleep.
I am often asked for tips on helping us get to sleep.  I’m not sure of the answer but these are some of the things I do.  Honestly, I feel it is really important to prepare for sleep about an hour before going to bed…especially if you are in that menopause stage of life, or know your hormones are changing.  This is true for women and men…I do think men suffer as well.  Biggest change for me is getting off all blue light things….phone, computer, tv and going to bed earlier!  But I am a morning person and not really an owl!!

Shitali Karana – Ascending Breath.  This 18 minute relaxation practice helps take you to a deep level of relaxation.  You will be aware of the breath but there is no change to the breath.  You will become very aware of the body, helping to release it, and the mind.  Make sure you will be undisturbed for at least 20mins.  And when you do complete, come back to sitting nice and slowly.


Gentle Sounds to Calm – this short practice brings very gentle movement into the neck, but also helps to warm up the throat and vocal cords, and to focus on the breathing.  Ideal before a chanting session.  Or, use to bring some calm and stillness into your day.  I have recorded just 5mins of it but you could repeat as many times, and sit with the resulting stillness for as long as you have time for.


Yoga Nidra 1 Trees – this was the first one I recorded and the visualisation is based on a very special place to me.  If you find helpful please leave a donation in the Nepal tin in class.  Please!


Yoga Nidra 2 – this is a practice I recorded a number of years ago and uses rapid images.  If you find it helpful feel free to put a donation in the Nepal tin in class.  Please!