Twameva Mantra – the Twameva Mantra is really beautiful and a reminder that all we need is held within, if only we take the time to look.  I have recorded a version of it, see below, but am sure you can find much better ones on YouTube!

Isht Sodhana Mantra – my new favourite mantra (Dec 2022!).  This mantra connects the Earth to the vastness around it. It is especially helpful at the change of seasons and the equinoxes.

Shanti Path mantra recording – someone asked me to record the SHnati Path to help them learn it…so this is my attempt.  The words are below on another link if you want to learn the English version.  This rendition does include the universal mantra for well being  – which you can omit if you want to but I’ve been taught to leave it in and I rather like it.

Mantra_Swami Sivananda Radha – this article reminds us why mantra is so beneficial to us.

Loka Bija Mantras – I love working with these mantras.  They are the seed mantras from the Gayatri Mantra but are not commonly taught here in the UK.  But as we have been working with the Chakras (summer 2020) I wanted to share them again.  Further down this page is another link to them with the Gayatri Mantra.

Shanti Path – This peace mantra is so beautiful and relatively easy to follow!

Om Mani Padme Hum – I love this mantra!  It can be found carved into rocks all over Nepal.  The prayer wheels are filled with it written on the paper held within them. The Tibetans and Nepalis doing their koras around the shrines are reciting it.  I recite it as I struggle up a hill.  I urge you to work with it!

Mahamritunjaya Mantra 
“Heal yourself, heal the World”…this is what my teacher always says of this mantra…and learning it with her was a real privilege…I love this mantra.  During the Covid19 lockdown, I was inspired to start to share this mantra…it had been on my mind to do so for many months but I was never brave enough!   Eventually you can work up to doing 108 repetitions (it takes about 45mins are speed!), but just to work with it daily, as a meditation is hugely beneficial. “Hailed by the sages as the heart of the Vedas, the maha mrityunjaya mantra can help you tune into the healing force that is always at work within you, supporting your growth, lifting you up in times of trouble, and reminding you of the higher aim of life.” – Rolf Sovik

Five ways to practice SOHUM
During Feb 2020 we have been using the mantra SOHUM in our meditation practice.  There are so many ways of using it…but simply sitting with the breath and feeling the vibration of Sooo on the inhalation and Hummmm on the exhalation is perfect.  Remember that you are not making a sound, you are just fully aware of the vibration of the mantra.  If you wish to do more, this sheet gives you further guidance.  Any questions please do get in touch.

Full Gayatri Mantra with Loka sounds
The Gayatri Mantra is very important to me and when I was putting together the Chakra Masterclass in October 2019, I wanted to share the Loka Bija mantras…to cut a long story short I discovered they are actually part of the Gayatri Mantra.  So this sheet gives you the full information with meaning.  To have a listen check our this recording by Jana Runnalls, to whom I am so grateful for, as it was her that showed me this link.  Chanting this fuller version has so much more resonance for me.  I hope you enjoy.

Gayatri Mantra Info Sheet
This is one of my favourite mantras and I use it everyday at the beginning and end of my personal practice.  I learnt it by listening to Deva Premal over and over and over again!  It took me ages to find the written version as it was before the Google days!!  It can be found on Deva’s The Essence album.
There are various translations, but I rather like Veronica’s of Akasha Yoga:
‘We invite the body, the mind and the soul to work in balance with that source of all light.
We meditate on the divine splendour.
May this warm loving and all pervading light
Inspire and guide our minds and ignite and open our hearts.’

Sat Nam Wahe Guru Mantra
I used this in a workshop in April 2019 and found this wonderful link to someone actually chanting it.  Another version is on the album called Trinity by Mantra Girl.  To actually work with the mantra you may like to use the fingers to help you concentrate and coordinate movement. Click on the link above for more details.

Mantra for Surya Namaskar   
Click on the title above and use these mantras for any 12 posture sequence…or you could just recite them as part of an Ajapa Japa Meditation. I have used them for a seated sequence I did in the June 2019 masterclass … which is suitable for all of us.  You can find the video on youtube.