Namaste Everyone!

Before yoga, many of you may know, that motorcycling was my passion! I have to admit to being a bit of a speed freak…not in a car…just on a bike! Even on a bicycle…I always want to have the top speed of the day when out with Nick… so childish I know!! Anyway, I couldn’t resist sharing this recent picture of me, with Joey Dunlop “King of the Mountain”, a reminder not to take myself too seriously! I don’t…well, not all the time! I really urge you to visit the Isle of Man…it has been 31 years since I last went for the TT…and it is still beautiful with good roads, an excellent transport system if you don’t take a vehicle over, great food, scenery, and people…oh and ice-cream in Peel, right on the harbour!

Seriously…my efforts are now heavily into planning and reminding everyone of the coffee morning on 8th Oct. Below is lots of information as to who is coming…so many lovely new people bringing their beautiful work. And we will have a tombola, silent auction and lots of cakes, Dahl and I will try to make a soup. Please share the date and make it an outing…I can guarantee that there will be wonderful gifts for everyone in your life!

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