April 2019 Newsletter


Welcome to the April Newsletter and I really hope it finds you all well. Apologies that it is so late but I’ve been a little naughty this Easter…but in a good way. I have really been trying to avoid spending too much time on the computer as I have discovered it really does mess with my sleep patterns. And with the weather being so lovely I have made the most of being outside…gardening, walking, cycling and even a little outdoors yoga…OK a lot, as I love practising in Nature! The garden is looking beautiful as I planted a lot of bulbs in the autumn, and have now been enjoying their colours. We have three baby blackbirds (there is always a nest in the pyracantha), and it is great seeing them being cared for … and the swallows are finally back…not that they nest with us, but it is so good to know they found their way home and survived their epic journey. I have a question though…why does Mrs Blackbird like my pot with a trailing fuchsia in it? I have refilled with compost twice now as she just empties it…presumably looking for worms…but ignores the other two pots!!!

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