Hari Om!
Welcome to August… It is sunny and a little windy as I sit writing this…but I am so grateful for the light.  In class the other night we had to put the light on…a sign of the change coming!  So, keep gettingup early and enjoying every minute of the light…current moto for me!!

This is a little late, for which I apologise.  And a little shorter than normal…purely because I wanted to get it to you before I go off on my Mantra and Yantra course.  Am a little excited by that as it is something I am hugely interested in but not really worked with in great depth before.  And the teacher is so knowledgeable and without ego.  And…I am travelling with a lady I have never met before and I think we are going to have fun.

A huge welcome to all the new people who have recently subsribed to this newsletter.  Do go and have a look on my website for the old ones…there are little gems of recordings and practices there.  It is coming up to that time of year where we think about taking up new interests or restarting ones that were dropped as life took over.  I am always very happy to see previous students so please don’t be shy about coming to class if you haven’t been for a while….read more >>