Hello everyone…really hope this finds you well and enjoying this glorious weather…so unusual for a bank holiday!! I am hiding inside as it is rather warm out there…but I was lucky enough to actually be in the garden this morning doing a little tidying whilst still cool enough. Picked a load of raspberries and blackberries…and some veggies for dinner. It is such a joy to get the rewards of the soil and nature…and to have your hands in the earth. I just hope my neighbours also enjoyed my chanting!!! It helped Nick get out of bed!!!

Nature is my guru…every moment spent outside is an absolute joy. Nick and I recently did a circular walk from Edale. The sounds and smells and stillness we experienced en route cannot be manufactured…you have to be in nature to feel it. We were both ‘full’ once more…and it reminded me of an email the lovely Jan sent me recently following a post I had put on Facebook…these are Jan’s words:

“… my running is not all about the physicality. Runners get in the habit of wearing a Garmin watch recording time etc and sometimes it is good to just leave it at home.
Running is my religion and on this morning’s run I experienced – The feel of the wet vegetation against my legs; the cries of the crows flying over the cornfields; the smells of the early morning; the River Derwent endlessly flowing; the sleeping swans, the heron and the ducks on the lake at the Nature Reserve; considering thoughts instead of banishing them as they may disturb my running rhythm; the spirituality and the feeling of being at one with nature.”

So all I can suggest is get out in Nature whenever you can and fill yourself to the brim with goodness…free of charge.

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