Namaste Everyone.

As I sit writing this (10th Dec) there is high excitement – I woke up to a message from Binay at the village in Nepal, that they are laying the Foundation Stone for the Water Supply Project in Danda Tole. He has sent me lots of photos and a video – some of which I have shared below and on Facebook. So, it has started, and we hope it will all be completed before the monsoon in June. It is such good news on so many levels as not only will 41 households have their own water supply, but it will help with health issues, it will help feed those that have any animals, it will save time from carrying and the whole project will provide some employment, even after it is complete.

Without all of you, it would never have been possible so a MASSIVE THANK YOU! We have the total amount of money needed and I cannot believe that has been achieved in 18 months and during a pandemic! And to top it all…I cannot believe how well our Coffee and Craft Morning went on 5th Dec … thank you. It seems so inadequate, but I really do send heartfelt thanks to you all. I have been so worried about it all as felt I hadn’t put in as much effort as in normal years. You raised £1600 on the day and money is still coming in. It means that any extra monies raised will continue to go to the village. We would really like to kickstart the women’s and children’s health projects that have had to take a back seat during lockdown. And we may have to continue sending money for food.

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