Namaste Everyone!

The title makes me giggle…it doesn’t feel like early spring as it is tipping it down outside! Wish we could harvest all this for the summer watering in the garden.

I managed to get out in the garden for a poke around the other day, and loved how iris’s had popped up, and the green plant that did nothing last year turns out to be an early iris so that made me really happy. It has a chance now…it was going to be removed! And despite my daffodils going in late…they are mostly up and will give a riot of colour soon…I bought the variety Juanita…mum’s name!

As many of you know my website is being upgraded…slowly as I am dreadfully slow at doing what Sarah needs me to do. But hopefully by April the majority of it will be done. This also means that this will be the last “newsletter” for a while. I would rather just send out short emails/blogs in the future with what is happening currently. That seems a daunting task so we will see what evolves. But the website will be the place to come to for up to date information. On that note, the biggest change will be around the free resources section. As we need to reformat all the files to make them more user-friendly and take up less storage. I have not being using Facebook as much recently but will sort that out and also try to use Instagram more (Phillipa.oakwoodyoga). It is all a slow evolution!

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