Welcome to you and Spring…it does feel like it has arrived already. Let’s hope by the time you are reading this it still feels like it! I have just returned from a weekend of Pranayama training, and it was such a joy seeing all the snowdrops and crocus flowers. I love how everything is coming back to life… stirring those deep roots below us.

Thinking of roots our practice this month centred around Parvatasana – Mountain or Downward Dog. A lovely pose to stretch into whatever version you do. I have included a little info around it below so you can keep practicing. A lovely strengthener, but also one of the poses we can really use for breath work too. Maybe we should do more of it in March!!! We have had a little look at the ujjaii breath too…please remember not to force it…more info on it below too. If there is ever anything you want me to include in class – please do ask…always happy to have suggestions. Makes life a little easier sometimes!!

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