Happy joyous and healthy 2018…really hope this finds you all well.  There has been so much illness around but I really wish you the best for the year ahead.  If you have had the ‘bug’ hopefully it has completely disappeared now.

The year has started off with a bang for us as we spent Christmas trekking in Guatemala and that was a wonderful experience.  Never have I seen volcanoes erupting, and Fuego just kept doing it.  Eventually I will share my photos over a glass of wine!  But there is a small matter of a wedding in March to organise and once that is done I will get other things sorted out!

So, during Feb and March classes are very much as normal with the odd cancellation…see below.  There are two master classes coming up and there is space on both…Feb 10th and March 3rd.  Do let me know if you want to join us. Read More>>