What a fabulous start to the New Year, and doesn’t it have a nice ring to it. I am sure it is going to bring lots of happiness and mystery and perhaps a little challenge. But we are ready for it, aren’t we?! Sorry, I am still feeling a little bouncy after our holiday and just being back in the routine and seeing you all…and some faces from a couple of years ago which is always lovely.

So whilst away I did a little pondering and I really do need to make more time for certain things in my life! As some of you know I rush around like a mad woman trying to do for everyone…and it is really not good for me. So, one of the things that takes me ages is this newsletter. Just pulling it together can take me the best part of a day…and in summer that is hard as I just want to be outside. Even now I want to be in the garden! So…I do warble on don’t I!!!…the newsletters are going to be much shorter in the future. I would like to encourage you to visit the website more frequently, as anything related to our practice or tasty recipes or class changes will be on there. There will be a newsletter, just more refined!!

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