Hari Om!
Welcome to July… Really hope you are all well and looking forward to a sunny holiday or time in the garden!  Hasn’t it been a fast year so far…really need to make time to be a little still.
If you remember, at the beginning of June we spent a few weeks working with the Moon Sequence and Chandra Namaskar.  Such beautiful energy and there were a lot of positive comments from all the classes.  I have written the Moon Sequence for you.  You can vary this to how you feel and it can be done standing or sitting.  Remember as you practice the shape of the moon up the sides and down the back.  Also when taking the arms in a circular movement you can visualise the moon.  Can you tell I am a little passionate about it!!

Big excitment this month – I have finally set the date for us to have a Craft Fair – November 27th, Darley Abbey Village Hall. This is new territory for me but I do have a wonderful helper in Sally who will look after all the stall holders.  Please do let me know if you would like a stall…charge will be £15 and a donation for the raffle.  Read more>>>