Hello and I really hope this finds you well.

Nick and I had a wonderful holiday (Zanskar, Northern India) although I think it is the toughest we have done. Think this was because the terrain was not easy in places and you had to really think about foot placement…and we were high most of the time. We did see a dead snow leopard which was a little upsetting… they are such beautiful animals. This picture was taken just before the last camp at the end of the last walking day…looks like my rucksack is pulling me backwards!

A massive thank you to you all for coming back to class. I always worry a little that you will go off and find someone new … there is so much choice out there nowadays, so I am hugely thankful and grateful that you return. Hopefully, I have eased you all back into it without too much muscle ache! I am using the 5 Tibetan Rites for the next month so it is a little strong in places…more info on those in the link further down.

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