Hari Om!
Welcome to June… What can I say?  I got writers block over the weekend when I really needed to send this out to you all.  Apologies.  It seems to take me an age to write these days as my mind flits from one idea to another!  Really hope you are all well and bathed in sunshine.  I love this time of year  – birds are busy, the mornigs are light from 3am almost, the evenings are light to at least 10pm….and the sun is out!

May brought some sadness though in its last few days.  On the day I attended a funeral of one of my most inspirational students, Tot Stephens, I also learnt that Caroline had died.  Caroline was on the same BWY course with me.  She was a quiet lady.  Very thoughtful, caring and insightful.  We will all remember her fondly.  A real salt of the earth type of lady.  She had a great sene of humour too!  May she rest in peace and maybe she and Tot will be doing some yoga somewhere!   read more >>>