Welcome everyone to the Summer newsletter.  Really hope this finds you all well…seemingly we are in for another heat wave soon but the garden is so loving this rain!

Lots has been going on in the background and things will keep developing over the coming months.  The newsletter will look a little different to normal as I have handed over its production to Sarah.  This will save me a lot of item and hopefully mean we can get them out regularly on time.  Sarah is a virtual assistant and so experienced and knowledgeable.  (Please contact her if you ever need help…

We have a few workshops coming up in the next couple of months and I am really excited to be able to share that I will be starting two new classes from September.  One at Deda on Chapel Street in the centre of town on a Monday and the other in Spondon on a Wednesday morning.  Details are below.  Both are mixed ability and the Wednesday one will be on the gentler side of things, replacing the one I do currently in Spondon. >>>read more