Late November 2019 Newsletter

Hello and welcome … really hope this finds you well.

For once I am not last minute with this…have had to be very organised this month!  I am on a 6 month Pranayama course…it has homework!  So my planning skills have had to be honed once more!!  It’s been a bit of a wet month but hopefully, you have all avoided that.  I don’t think I have been out once on my bike…which is a real shame.  But, the biggest challenge was met, faced and achieved by Jan who successfully completed the 100 mile Marathon in the Himalayas…we were all a little emotional when she came back to class…more below on her story.  But she is such an inspiration of what you can do if you put your mind to it and want something enough.  Huge congratulations Jan…you are a star…and we love you! xx

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