March 2021 Newsletter

Namaste Everyone.

Well…it’s been a year since we started using Zoom. Although I bought a years package of Zoom, I didn’t think it would last…let alone be spending on another years package! A massive thank you to all for persevering with it and sticking with me. I know it isn’t for everyone, and I do miss our live sessions, and those of you who really couldn’t make it work for you; but it has been a life line for me. It has just been brilliant to stay connected with so many of you. It does look like restrictions are easing, but I am remaining cautious. So much has changed, so many people are still very worried and my insurers are not allowing us back to normal just yet. I am hopeful though that come the autumn there will be live classes again…but the majority will remain on Zoom. Over the next couple of months I will keep you posted…but there are a few personal changes in the pipeline for me which will impact on live classes. The biggest bonus of zoom, is that if I have a reliable WiFi I can teach from anywhere!! So please bare with me. And I am always happy to take you through the Zoom process if you would like to join in but haven’t yet. And there is no capacity restrictions…other than my eyes!…so I never have to worry about full rooms. Oh how I miss Thursday mornings at Strutts…squeezing you all in!!! Anyway…I will keep you posted as developments happen.

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