Namaste Everyone.

I really hope this finds you well and being able to get closer to those that you have missed hugging! As I write things are being opened up a little more…but to be honest I have always hugged anyone who allowed me to! Nick can’t get away with it any longer now!!!! Those that know him know he hates being hugged by anyone – apart from me obviously. Anyway…I just hope you are enjoying your life and finding time to be with those you care about. We must make the most of each moment as we never know what is around the corner…and listening to your gut instinct is so important as we do miss a lot. I came across this article that gives a little more info on working with your gut instinct.

Soooo..what is coming up in June. Firstly there are NO CLASSES on 31st May, but there will be classes on 2nd and 3rd of June…see below for details. Those of you that like to do a couple of classes a week I hope the Thursday helps a little. There will be no classes week of 28th June as we are hoping to be on our way back from cycling the Coast to Coast route…if we ever get accommodation booked…I don’t want to camp!!

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