Hari Om!

Welcome to October….
Namaste everyone…I know, I said there wouldn’t be a October newsletter but I just wanted to remind you of dates and a couple of other things.
If this is your first newsletter from me I hope it holds a little interest.  A massive thank you to all the new people who have been warmly welcomed into class over the last couple of weeks.  It is an absolute joy to share yoga with everyone.  The energy in classes has been truly wonderful.  I do hope I see you all again come October!!

Most important thing to remember is that there are no classes now until week of 17th October.

My wonderful friend and virtual assistant Sarah is looking after my emails for me as best she can.  She may send a holding email to you…otherwise I will reply on 13th October.   If you ever need someone to help you with your business please do check out Sarah.  Her website is full of useful information and explains exactly what she can help you with.

Nepal Fundraising….It has been another wonderful month of money coming in.  I cannot believe that Carole has managed to sell £77.50 worth of wolly hats in summer!  Am sure she sells them to people in the pub!!  What a star woman – massive thank you to her.  She was baking again on Wednesday so we had banana cake in class, so that raised more for the silver tin.  I have just counted the tin…so over August and September it has raised £106.  Amazing…huges thanks to everyone. >>>read more