A massive warm welcome to you all and especially the new people who have signed up for this newsletter. It’s a little light this month as I have been gallivanting around Japan. I am feeling hugely happy and grateful as I write this.

Japan was amazing and I can highly recommend it as a destination. One day I will return and take Nick, as there are lots of ancient trekking paths to be done. I am not really a city person but I loved Nara and you could spend weeks in and around Kyoto and not see or do it all! If I have to pick a single thing about the whole trip it would be the respect the Japanese have for themselves, each other, us foreigners, their environment…it is truly humbling…even in a country that seems to love packaging and has very few litter bins…there is no litter and it is so clean everywhere. And they make the most amazing tiny gardens! In February I will include Japan in the film show I am intending to organise to raise funds for Nepal.

So, a couple of things coming up in the next week. Most importantly is the Coffee Morning on Nov 3rd at Darley Abbey Village Hall. Really hope you can come along and even help by making us a cake. There will be a handful of stalls so you can do some early Christmas or birthday shopping! Look at these beautiful mandala stones Sally will be selling.

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