A huge welcome to all the new people on this list…lots of new people in classes and also people signing up through the website. Hopefully there is something of interest for you here!

It’s been another fun and busy month and the biggest bit of news is that Nick and I have finally decided to get married after being together 27 years!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am becoming…didn’t think I would be, but as I start to organise things I have realised how much joy it is bringing me. We are having a tiny wedding as neither of us are into fuss…22.03.18…a date based on my astrology (Jyotish astrology). So between now and then I hope to have a heap of fun with yogis and friends alike! Any ideas let me know. Am into food but not parties!!

The other fun thing I was doing yesterday was trying to make a video for you. >>READ MORE