September 2020 Newsletter

Oakwood Yoga Newsletter 25th September 2020

Namaste Everyone.

And…welcome! The end of September and we are slowly moving into slightly new territory again… autumn equinox will just have happened and if you look closely the leaves are beginning to turn. Everything keeps evolving…which is lovely…and helps to keep us all on our toes and mastering the art and acceptance of change. For me personally, this last month has been a constant whirl of change and decision…someone asked me what I want…I have no idea most days! Anyway…

Before I get into the nitty gritty of everything…a plug for the Yoga Retreat Day on Oct 3rd. Really do hope you can join me again. There will be 4 sessions, £5 each or £15 for all 4. The theme is Deeply Listening so although the first session will be relatively dynamic the rest of the day will include lots of meditation and pranayama and relaxation. So hopefully a perfect way to start the Autumn.

The big change for October is that I am having some time off…it may feel like the whole month but it isn’t really!

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