I really hope this finds you all well and having had a fun summer. It’s been ok weather wise hasn’t it…and as I sit here writing we were meant to have thunderstorms but they never came. How the veg patch produces is always an indication to me of how the summer has been…and we are doing ok. Tomatoes and runner beans are finally taking off. And there has been a steady run of courgette. The bliss moment though is the first autumn bliss raspberries…my all time favourite. Bought raspberries just are not the same!

So although Nick and I have stayed home again this year, we have had a busy time cycling. Those of you who make it to zoom classes are no doubt bored of my cycling antics, but it has all been about working towards the big ride this month (13th to 19th Sept) where Nick and I cycled 335 miles from Okehampton to Bennerley Viaduct at Ilkeston…being part of this new route Iron to Iron.

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