Namaste Everyone.

I really hope this finds you all well and enjoying the lighter mornings and evenings. And by the time you read this perhaps the first swallows have appeared…maybe that is too much to wish for! It just feels such a long time since I last wrote to you all…which it is, and to be honest I cannot remember what has happened since. I am rushing to get this out to you so many apologies if it isn’t up to the normal standard!!

I am still buzzing actually as we have just had the Wortley Hall retreat. What a fabulous weekend…such positive energy, fun and delights from everyone. There are some changes happening at Wortley but it still has its charm and character. Thanks to everyone that came and made it so memorable. I have booked for next year…the price has increased a little but they need to cover their costs. I do have a full list but if you are interested in joining – I do have a waiting list and am sure things will inevitably change between now and then for some! I am debating running a second one…but bare with me, I need to move house first before I even contemplate it!

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