Namaste Everyone.

The sun is shining and Spring Equinox was yesterday…and despite the forecast, it isn’t raining. It feels wonderful to be here…in our new home. The house is full of happy workmen sorting out the snagging list! I am trying to keep out of their way!

This wonderful picture is from our recent retreat at Wortley Hall. We had such an enjoyable time, despite the efforts to get there through the snow and traffic jams on the M1. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing so openly and making the new people so welcome. I have made a reservation for September and March 2024…see dates below. I love our weekends at Wortley…so much laughter and the opportunity to delve a little deeper into our practice. In September I am planning on changing the format slightly to make the most of the outdoors and daylight.

For those that attend the zoom meditation class on a Monday evening, I have decided to change the charging yet again! I just can’t keep up with who is or isn’t paying! So, let us make it a donation thing, pay what you can afford or think it is worth. I will continue to record and send to those that request it. Hope this is OK.

I have been a little quiet on the Nepal front over the last few months since the water project was completed…but rest assured we are still saving! And in October there are two trips planned for visiting Nepal, one includes the village.

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